Services Provided

At Port Augusta West Childhood Services Centre we offer a range of services to help offer children and families within our local area a positive and inclusive experience

Preschool Sessions

We offer preschool sessions across two groups. Children are eligible for 15 hours of preschool in their eligible year:
MONDAY – 8:30-3:00 (Group A)…

Support Services

We have available to us a team of Department for Education (DFE) specialists. They help support in the following areas: Child development Special educators Speech pathologists…

Inclusive Preschool Program

The Inclusive Preschool Program (IPP) is a specialised program for children with significant additional needs. This program is designed to support childrens needs in a setting that allows them to access mainstream kindy with intensive support and expertise…

Documented Learning

Throughout your child’s year at preschool, staff will document your child’s
learning both formally and informally. We believe it is important for children,
staff and families to reflect revisit and value children’s learning journey…

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