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Port Augusta West Childhood Services Centre

At Port Augusta West Children’s Services Centre, we work with children to develop skills, confidence and social interactions through a play and nature-based preschool program. Our curriculum is based on the National Early Years Learning Framework for children aged 0-5 years ‘Belonging, Being & Becoming’ and implemented through an inquiry based program. Child’s voice is embedded in our practice as we believe that all children have the right to build and maintain respectful, trusting relationships in a safe and secure environment.


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Nurturing Environments

Connecting Children’s learning through play and the natural environment, engages children’s natural curiosity and wonder in their world. Creating an environment that engages children’s interests allows them to explore, learn and play and re-connect with nature in a screen based world.

Holistic Learning

Sustainable Learning

The importance of Sustainability is embedded throughout the centre. As a preschool we are conscious of our footprint on the earth and through our practices encourage children to become environmentally aware. We do this through recycling,  our garden to kitchen program, worm farms, composting and through careful consideration when sourcing resources. Children are involved in the care and maintenance of the gardens and animals within the centre encouraging environmental responsibility.

Inquiry Play Based Learning Environment

At Port Augusta West CSC we listen to children’s voice and the questions they are asking. This leads us on interesting and real-life inquiry projects allowing children to fully emerge themselves into the curriculum in a play based environment. Educators work with children to encourage questioning and offer opportunities to extend learning through quality interactions and a dynamic learning environment.

Inclusive Preschool Program

The Inclusive Preschool Program (IPP) is a specialised program for children with significant disabilities. This program is designed to support each child’s need in a setting that allows them to access mainstream kindy with intensive support and expertise. The IPP runs with a specialised teacher and an Early Childhood Worker. The IPP runs a modified kindergarten program with a focus on inclusion with the space to provide for individual needs.

Our Learning Environment

The nature-based outdoor learning environment offers a unique opportunity for educators to encourage the stretching process in children and help them realise their full potential offering opportunities to take considered risks in our natural outdoor learning environment. Children and families have continually been involved in developing and evolving the outdoor area creating a sense of belonging and achievement.

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